Anthony Morrison Reviews.

Name: Anthony Morrison.

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Price: Varies.
Owner:  Anthony Morrison.
Overall Rank: 4.7 out of ten.

Fast Track to Success Program

This program was supposed to teach the student ways to increase profits in Affiliate Marketing.

The Good:

I ready don’t have anything “good” to say about this business. Whether they’re a scam or not, you decide after reading the reviews.

The Bad:Anthony Morrison Reviews.

When you go to the website and read his presentations that sound pretty good at the time.
But when you decide that you want to try something, the offer will be a little amount, such as maybe $37.00.

When you decide to go with this number, you’re hit with another amount (up-sale).
Upsells I find very annoying, but usually, I would go to the next step; now the number has increased to around $97.00. So now, I am getting more annoyed.

The Bad: Another Up-sale.Anthony Morrison Reviews.

When I think that, I have finished with the transaction. Then, believe it or not, I am hit with another offer that may be in the area of around $197.00.
When all of this is transpiring when I attempt to change my mind and leave the page. I get a “do not move the page, I have a better offer” or something to that effect.

All of the changes was very confusing because you never knew where you were going to end up with a decision.

Who is Fast Traffic to Success Name For?

Anthony Morrison reviews. 

This program is targeting anyone that’s participating in Marketing Programs.

Fast Traffic to Success Tools and Training.

This program offers Software that is supposed to help you to be able to make money a lot quicker when you use it. But I have my doubts about that claim.

Fast Traffic to Success Support.

I did not get a lot of support. As of this writing, I never received the Software that I purchased.
When I call, they will only tell me that I should have gone to this website, but they never did tell me what website. I requested a refund that I never also received.

Fast Traffic to Success Prices.Anthony Morrison Reviews.

Not knowing the cost is confusing; the prices vary to an extent that I don’t know where the cut-off of pricing ends, because of all the up-sales, it’s very confusing.

My Honest Opinion on Anthony Morrison Programs.

In my view, I was scammed; you should do some research for you to form your opinion.  You’ll Be Able to Get More Information- Continue Reading.

Here is a Youtube Video that shades a little more light on Anthony Morrison Review.

Anthony Morrison Reviews.

Where Can I Enroll in a University That Has a Proven Reputation For Honesty?

How Long Have You Been a Student?

I  enroll in Wealthy Affiliate on August 7, 2013.

what is Wealthy Affiliate University, where do I enroll, Wealthy Affiliate,

I will not mislead anyone concerning the reputation of this Training Platform. I have learned a lot more than I knew before joining Wealthy Affiliate.

What Resources Are Available For Learning About Websites?

They are equipt with all sources of learning aids, such as you can view Videos at your leisure, when you have questions, all you need to do is enter their Chat Community.
These members are season web site owners; there are not many issues that they want be able to give you the correct answer.

How AreThe Owners of This Training Platform?

Wealthy Affiliate is own by two of the nicest guys that have an honest desire to help you succeed.
Their names are Kyle and Carson.

Can You  Backup Your Statements Concerning Wealthy Affiliate?Anthony Morrison Reviews.

I am proof of this declaration since enrolling. I have learned to build three websites, which I am currently still making improvements. 

After an affiliation of over two years, I should know if this University is honest or dishonest by now.

Can I Depend On You For Support if I Enroll?

I will resolve any doubts that you may have. I will assist you in every step of the way to help you succeed.

How Can You Be Contacted Within Wealthy Affiliate?

You can email me anytime if you want to be more private than participating in the Chat discussions. You need to be Premium Member to send private messages. 

To ask a question to me or another member of the community, just click on the image of the member, and then you can type your question.

Should I Have Any Doubts About Enrolling?

Trust Me-You Will Not Regret Enrolling-This is not a scam statement coming from me as a member for nearly over a year now.

Please watch this Video Review on Wealthy Affiliate.


How Are The Owners? Do They Support New Members?

Wealthy Affiliate is a University that is own by two guys that do have a sincere feeling for your success as a website owner.

How Can You Be Contacted?

Please leave me your comments at the bottom of this post. Thank you.

I hope to be able to chat with you within Wealthy Affiliate soon. You can also send me an email at this address:

220_F_69505759_UjVWu1E3n3MRvU7PjYAQrU9RShUDzKxJ (1)

Send Me An Email.

I will respond, and I will help in any way that I can to get your registration with Wealthy Affiliate finalized.
 If you don’t like what you see and hear, you’ll always have the options not to register.

What If I Have Comments?

Please enter any comments you may have in the comment box below. You can also contact me by sending me an email at this address:

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate University. Here you will not have to worry about getting Scammed, all you’ll get is good training for managing your website.

Anthony Morrison Reviews.

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Author: admin

Hello, My name is Prince Smith, In the past, I have tried Multi-level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. I discovered that the best marketing process to use for me is Affiliate Marketing. I feel that this is a more direct form of Marketing vs M.L.M. I've had some success in this industry. I am an Affiliate currently to Amazon; this is a very reliable company to be an Affiliate. I am enjoying doing Affiliate Marketing with them and other companies that are offering this program. Thank you for visiting my site.


  1. Hello Prince, don’t think you are alone. I fell for this scam some time ago. Just got caught up by the very nice video when Anthony “set up some folks” with an account and the next morning, they all had several hundred dollars in their account. Did not happen for me. Cost me dearly and I still wait for my refund.

    1. Thanks John. Yes it’s really not good business to hit the public that may be interested in what you’re offering, and then continually upgrade the offers with “upsells”. This way of doing business indicates that the person/company is mainly interested in getting your money out of your pocket.

      I prefer dealing with a company that’s managed by honest people. This will represent the company as a whole. John, have you ever heard of Wealthy Affiliates? This is a company that’s owned by two guys named Kyle and Carson. This company teaches the processes involved in building your own website. I don’t mean to “sale pitched” you, but the purpose of my blog is to get people informed about them. These two guys are very honest and will help you with anything to make you succeed.

      You can enroll at zero cost. Right now, I am offering a bonus of 59% discount to anyone that enroll within the next seven days. If you need more information, you can send me an email or you can contact me on my profile page within Wealthy Affiliate. I will personally offer you any help that you may need. I have been very successful, since joining back in August, I now own and manage two websites, thanks to Wealthy Affiliates.

      They offer a Certificate Program when you complete the training. If you have an interest in know how to do this with an honest company, please join with me, you will not regret it not one bit! Take care John.

  2. Hi.
    That’s what drives me crazy about some programs, they have the upsells. I just want an upfront one time price-or at least the program should make clear what is all entailed.

    Thanks for your review, I learned a lot. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jen; I really appreciate your comment. Yes, I believe that when you’re serving the public, you should be as honest as you can. You’ll never know when that same person might become one of your best customers. I am a student at a University call Wealthy Affiliates. They will teach you the processes of building websites and anything concerned with managing them.

      If you read all of my connecting links, you’ll discover that you can enroll for a cost of zero. This is a great school. I enrolled back in August. Now, I am the proud owner of two websites. If you decide to give them a try, you can contact me personally by sending me an email or contacting me on my profile page. They have a program now where you’ll get 59% off on your first month’s membership fee; you can’t beat an offer that good! Take care Jen, I hope that you’ll decide to give them a try, it’s want hurt to do this. Thanks and keep in touch. Take care.

  3. You give a good account of what they put you through and what the upsells are all about. This happened to me as well and I lost some money on useless software that nobody, especially not a newbie, knows how to use.
    These ruthless marketers are riding on the ignorance of people new to internet marketing and are giving internet marketing a bad name in the process1

    1. Thank you for visiting my site Beate. Yes, I agree, It’s not good business practice to take viewers money by promoting upsells and not being honest with people that want to do business with his programs. Make the offers more clearer and to the point, without dragging viewers around. Thanks for your comments. I hope he will improve the way he conducts business online. Take care.

    1. Hello Tejas. I appreciate you commenting on my blog. Also, I am please to know that you are a member of WA community. I will check your site out in a few. See you in WA. Take care.

  4. Hi Prince,
    As you can see, you are not alone in this one. I am still receiving emails from Mr. Morrison. However, hearing this from you and others, I do not feel as bad as I did in the beginning, as you are made to feel for not comprehending all the details.

    That being said, I will pick Wealthy Affiliate anytime for the community, service, and tutorials. What’s offered at WA is phenomenal. All processes are stated clearly and honestly. Although I respect Mr. Morrison for his success, that is exactly what it is…HIS SUCCESS, not mine…Wealthy Affiliate teaches in a way that I can learn in a way that I can attain MY SUCCESS.
    All the best,

    1. Hello Della, I appreciate your visit to my site and also your kind comments. Yes, one thing that I love about Wealthy Affiliate, this is a very honest organization that had a true feeling for people that are trying to learn the processes of building a website that can be use for many things like promoting a business or promoting a hobby.

      I have learned a lot since enrolling in August 7, 2013. I am amazed at where I am now and where I was then in reference to my knowledge of website management. I am recommending this University to anyone that has a desire to learn how to make money online. Take care Della. Much success to you.

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