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If you’re promoting a Marketing Program, it’s imperative for you to be able to write Search Engine Optimized content. (S.E.O.).

You need a good Keyword Tool if you want to find relevant keywords for your posts and pages.

Why is This Important?

Here is a Video explaining how to use Youtube for your research.


It’s important because if you want to get your content ranked. You much focus on who your audience is.
When you write keyword enriched content, you’ll be able to grab the attention of your audience. Participate in the Free Jaaxy Trial offer and experiment with Jaaxy to see how it performs.

How Can I Write Keyword Enriched Content?

free keyword search, perform it here, keyword, search, You need to find a good Keyword Research Tool to write keyword enriched content for your posts and pages.
You can do some research to find what Keyword Tools are available.

What Does a Good Keyword Tool Do to Help Me Get a Good Ranking With Search Engines?

An excellent Keyword Tool will help you in optimizing your content that you type into your web keyword search-perform it here
The search engine will try to match the keywords that you’ve typed into Search Engines.

 Words from the web pages are needed for your site to get indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

What Are Some of The Criteria for My Site to Get Indexed by Search Engines?Free keyword search-perform it here.

There are more than the list I am giving you, but here is some of those criteria:


  • Do your keywords appear on your pages often? (more that’s within reason).
  • How many of your pages on your site contains the keyword?
  • Do your links point to the page with the keyword in the link’s text?
  • The keyword should be within the page’s Title. Is it close to the title?
  • Or you using the keyword in any of the (h tags) heading on the page?
  • Is the keyword in the body text of the page and near the top of the page?

What tool do you recommend?

Well, to be honest, I am partial to a tool that I am currently using as a student enrolled at Wealthy Affiliate.
 Most all the students enrolled here are using a tool called Jaaxy.

You Can Perform a Keyword Free Test Here:

I will explain some of the metrics that you’ll get from your free test here:

  1. M.S.=monthly searches carried out on the keyword.
  2. E.T.=estimated traffic for this keyword on a monthly basis.
  3. QSR=quality search, free keyword search, perform it here,
  4. KQI=keyword quality indicator (explained) RED=not a good keyword to use. YELLOW=it’s okay, but it is not the best keyword to use.
  5. GREEN=this is an Excellent keyword to use. (this is the one you should used to S.E.O. your content.
  6. S.E.O Power=this is a combination of the traffic and the Q.S.R. given for this keyword (the higher the S.E.O. power, the better it is for your content).
  7. Domain Search=this give you the availability if you want to use this as your Domain Name related to your keyword.
  8. To Do=this is where you can save your keyword selections. You may want to use them later in future blogs.

It’s Free-Just Plugin Your Keywords to Get Search Results.

This link will provide more information on keyword free test.

How Will I Get Training For Using This Tool Effectively?Free keyword search-perform it here.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to use this keyword free test tool, and you will get instructions in the use of a lot of other tools for the management of your website.

Getting training for using Jaaxy Keyword Tool is a small example of all the other training you get enrolled in Wealthy Affiliate.


Please watch this Video on how to use Youtube for your Research.

free keyword search-perform it here.

What Do I Need to Do to Enroll?

It’s very easy to enroll. Just go to this link and enter the following information:

  1. First Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Choose a password (your information is safe).
  4. Choose a User Name
  5. Click: “Sign Up to Wealthy Affiliate.”

From this point, you’ll get an enrollment acknowledgment from the owners of Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle and Carson).

Is The Information I Enter Secure?free keyword search-perform it here.

They will be the only ones that will see your information enter above.
Let’s get started on improving your financial future today.

Okay, how do I get in contact with you if I have questions?

I will appreciate comments in the box below. I would like to know how to improve my content.

Can I Contact You by Email?

Sure, this is my email address where you can contact me.

Free keyword search-perform it here.

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  1. Hey thanks for the information on the keyword search tool. I will definitely take advantage of the free sign up for the Jaaxy account. hopefully this will help me with my affiliate website to increase traffic. thanks again.

    1. Hello Eric, I really appreciate your visit to my site. Yes, I am currently using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. I am a student enrolled in Wealthy Affiliates University. I would be loss if I didn’t have this tool. I don’t create any post are pages without first doing my research using this tool. I am hoping that you will really take advantage of the Free Signup that’s being offered by Wealthy Affiliates. This is the first I have seen them offer this program. I don’t know how long it will last. Please at least try it for you to determine if it will work for you to promote your Affiliate Marketing Program. I know it’s working great for the promotion of mine. I hope to hear from you soon. Please let me know when you sign up. If you have any questions are comments. Please contact me on my Profile page. ( Thank you very much Eric. I am anxious to hear how you like the Free sign-up. Keep me informed. Take care.

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