Free Online Affiliate Programs Are Available.

free online affiliate programs.

To supplement your income. Have you considered doing some research to find the types of jobs that are available that you’ll be able to use to operate an online business from home? There are free online Affiliate Programs available.

What does home based job offer?

Free online affiliate programs

Home based jobs such as Affiliate Marketing Jobs will offer you a convenience that you’ll not find in a work away from home job.  

Some of the inconveniences of this type of job are:

  • The extra time you will need for you to commute to your job.
  • Your need for a Baby Sitter (if required)
  • Making sure the car has enough gas.
  • You need to set an alarm to get up on time.
  • Having to call in when you feel ill.
  • Dealing with rude co-workers are bosses.

What Are My Options?

Free online affiliate marketing programs


You have several options of being able to find Affiliate Marketing Jobs.
But first, I will tell you about another form of marketing. Another type of marketing is called Mul-ti-Level Marketing.

Watch this YouTube Video about Affiliate Marketing Programs.

What is This Type of Marketing?

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You’ll  be able to do some research on this form of marketing.
But I will explain some of the ways this type of marketing work.

M.L.M is the acronym for Multi-Level Marketing. Here is a link that explains the best free Affiliate Marketing programs.

What is Mul-ti-Level Marketing?

Multi-Level Marketing also is known as Network Marketing, Referral Marketing, and Pyramid Selling.
Pyramid Selling is the form of marketing where the person that’s in the position at the top of the pyramid is in the best position.

free online affiliate programsAnyone that he/she recruits to enter the pyramid will be in their downline.
You’ll be able to research to find the companies that use this type of marketing by using search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

How does the Pyramid system work?

free online affiliate programs

The person at the top will get an award for promoting.
They will also get rewarded for downline sells.

Who will be in the downline?

free online affiliate programs

In other words, anyone below them will have to share their profits with the person that’s at the top of the pyramid.
This form of marketing is not as popular as the next one that I will mention.

What other types of Marketing are available?

The other form of marketing is called Affiliate Marketing
Commercialization of this kind in comparison to Mul-ti-Level Marketing has a structure that the participants are rewarded based on their personal contributions.

Let me explain. A person that is participating in this form of marketing is an Affiliate
An Affiliate is a subsidiary group or an individual of an organization.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

free online affiliate programs

Affiliate Marketing is the process of using products are services provided by an organization.

When will I get rewarded a commission?

When you promote the products are services, and it results in a sale for the organization, you get your commission.
You will get a reward from the organization paying you a fee. The percentage of the fee varies.

Please watch this Video on how to find relevant Affiliate Programs.

Free online affiliate programs

What companies offers this program?

You can find organizations that have Affiliated Marketing programs. But I can tell you about how I get my training.

Wealthy Affiliate to me is best for getting the training.

free online affiliate programs.

Wealthy Affiliate is an organization that teaches people how to build and manage a website.
You can enroll as a Starter Member at no cost. After you enroll, and if you decide that you want to promote them.

How do I make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

free online affiliate programs.

They will pay you a commission of any other people that enroll from your efforts of promoting them.
This type of program is a Referral Program.

You can get more information about this organization by clicking this link.
Or this link will take you to a page where you can get enrollment information.

Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program.

Free online affiliate programs

Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program is a commission based program. You need to enroll and promote Wealthy Affiliate as one of your niches.

How you make commissions with Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program.

First, I need to tell you that your commission payments depend on the level of membership . For example, you enroll in the Starter Membership at zero cost to enroll.

But at this level of membership, your commission payments will not be as high as it would be if you upgrade to Premium Membership.

Please give examples of commission payments at both levels.

Free online Affiliate Programs.

First, I show you what your commission is if you’re a Starter Member.

  • As a Starter Member, you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate Referral program.
  • You recruit your first Referral.
  • Your Referral paid the first month’s discounted membership fee of $19.00.
  • You get a commission payment of $4.00 from this payment.
  • Your Referral paid the second month’s membership fee of $47.00.
  • Your commission from this payment=$11.25.
  • If your Referral paid $359.00 for the full year’s membership fee.
  • Your commission from this payment=$87.50.

You upgrade to Premium Membership.

  • As a Premium Member, you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program.
  • You have recruited your first Referral.
  • Your Referral paid the first month’ discounted membership fee of $19.00.
  • Your commission=$8.00.
  • Your Referral paid the second month’s membership fee of $47.00.
  • Your commission =$22.50.
  • Your Referral paid for the entire year=$359.00.
  • Your commission from this payment=$175.00.

Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate offers more perks. Not only higher commission payments. (100% higher). But more perks towards your training and navigating in the community.

 Should I upgrade from Starter to Premium Membership?

Free online affiliate programs

I want you to enroll first and then get more information about how Premium Membership is best for you. I want you to understand why you get more perks as a Premium Member.

I’ll appreciate any questions are comments you may have by leaving them in the comment box below.
Also, you’ll be able to contact me on my “Profile” page within Wealthy Affiliate

You can also send me an email at this address:
Thanks for your visit to my site. Take care.

By enrolling at Wealthy Affiliate Today, you’ll get all the help and support that you need. You’ll have the opportunity to begin your free online affiliate programs when you enroll.

Don’t delay improving your financial future!

free online affiliate programs.

Here is Wealthy Affiliate New Membership Grid below:

free online affiliate programs.

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Hello, My name is Prince Smith, In the past, I have tried Multi-level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. I discovered that the best marketing process to use for me is Affiliate Marketing. I feel that this is a more direct form of Marketing vs M.L.M. I've had some success in this industry. I am an Affiliate currently to Amazon; this is a very reliable company to be an Affiliate. I am enjoying doing Affiliate Marketing with them and other companies that are offering this program. Thank you for visiting my site.


    1. Thank you very much V Hamilton;I was very glad to visit your website. You also are doing a good job here at WA. I wish you all the success you can stand! Take care; I hope to hear from you in the future here at WA.

  1. Great article and lot’s of good information on how making money online works 🙂

    As a Network Marketer myslef, many people call my business a pyramid scheme when infact it is exactly the same structure as a JOB (Just Over Broke).

    With a workplace it’s only the fat cats at the top who earn the real money and it’s hard to get promoted to their level unless they retire or quit.

    In my Network Marketing business, I have the opportunity to over take my upline sponsors by being more active than them and I get to choose my own level of income instead of being dictated to by an employer.

    It’s a great life and so is affiliate marketing 😉


    1. Hello Neil,
      Man, I really appreciate some real relevant comments like this one. Since I added anti-spam to my site, I don’t get a lot of unrelated comments. (-: I really enjoyed reading your blog. I don’t know a lot about Network marketing. I did spend a little time trying to work with it a few years ago. I had ads in magazines and newspapers in a lot of areas. But no great success.

      I wish you luck with your business. Come by and visit my site anytime. I plan to visit your also. Take care Neil. You’re a WA member, Right? Great University!

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